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Our mental status is our barrier when we thought in doubt full mind our mind created negative of in our mind, we should always think positive ” we can” that thought give us mental boost and confidence. It is no doubt every act both possibilities success and failure but we should prepare us to anyContinue reading “Barrier”

Go through your will

Every one willingness has different aspect of their career, so don’t hesitate and as your will go through. It is not matter who favour your decision, your life so you will more responsible your life. We all face the our senior family members suggestion regarding career building but they don’t what is your will regardingContinue reading “Go through your will”

No Matter What you Think

It is universal fact life journey is unpredictable but every one make their life strategy. When we in present situation we expect our life will be so glamorous in future scenario, but time never Statics it is always change. Our present aspirations will be fulfilled in future no warranty. Every one should accept the journeyContinue reading “No Matter What you Think”

Power Politics

Democracy become power Politics, that party’who currently lead the government not supported other parties, wanted to suppress the against party leaders. Continuous against parties leaders blaming BJP party Modi ji Government not following democratic Process. Although ruling party always delivering statement they are corrupt politician and involved in financial scam, found suspicious in corruption issuesContinue reading “Power Politics”